Baptiste Tavernier - Polaroid Mosaic
Baptiste Tavernier - Artist

Baptiste Tavernier is a French artist based in Tokyo. He’s the architect of a multifaceted artistic realm, which includes polaroid mosaic, 3D-printing, painting, and music.


You can collect Baptiste Tavernier’s works on Artsper. 3D-printed structures on Polaroid mosaic.

Baptiste Tavernier - Artsper


Baptiste Tavernier’s YT channel is dedicated to art and crystal bowls (quartz-based musical instruments).

Baptiste Tavernier - Youtube


Latest news, works in progress, music and informal photographs in Tokyo and around the world.

Baptiste Tavernier - Instagram

A fortune teller once told me that I was destined to roam indefinitely, never remaining in the same spot. He added, “Planets don’t lie.” I’m not sure if he meant it literally or symbolically, but I’ve traveled a lot, and my mind never stops wandering, always looking for new ideas and new realms to depict.

As I immersed myself in many worlds such as music, digital arts, martial arts, or painting, my early path saw many dramatic virages… First in France, then in Japan, while spending time in Taiwan as well.

I began my fine art career by painting mazes that transcended the turmoil of large and sometimes derelict cities. These labyrinths then grew into fascinating map-like tattoos that I drew on people. In the meantime, I also worked with Japanese rock gardens while exploring the spiritual world of Zen.

After years of doubt and hesitancy about my artistic direction, I’m now working on a new project that incorporates Polaroid (INSTAX) photographs and 3D-printed elements into a mosaic super structure.

I regard The “WINDOWS” series as a breakthrough: a stable conjunction of media bound with a stable approach that combines all my previous experiences into a larger environment where I am free to travel and open windows after windows and contemplate what’s behind.

“Windows” │ Polaroid Mosaic Art

Baptiste Tavernier - Polaroid Mosaic Art
Baptiste Tavernier - Polaroid Mosaic Art
Baptiste Tavernier - Polaroid Mosaic Art


PARIS VIII University
PhD of Digital Arts (uncompleted) | 2005-2006

​PARIS VIII University
Master of Digital Arts | 2004

Bachelor of Musical Composition | 2000-2002


  • H. P. Lovecraft
  • Salvatore Sciarrino
  • Nihei​​​​​​​ Tsutomu
  • H. R. Giger
  • Yang Yongliang
  • Gérard Grisey
  • Pierre Soulages
  • Ishida Tetsuya 
  • Saul Leiter
  • The ‘Bristol Sound’
Baptiste Tavernier - Polaroid Mosaic Art

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Polaroid Mosaic Art by Baptiste Tavernier
Polaroid Mosaic Art by Baptiste Tavernier
Baptiste Tavernier - Polaroid Mosaic Art

My Process

#1 Base Picture

I generally start with a wide 6×12 medium format picture, taken with a Holga 120pan.

I also use a DSLR Sony A7R2 from time to time.

holga 120 pan modified

#2 Edition / Division

I reframe and edit the original image to fit the format I’m working with.

Edition and extra digital painting is done under Affinity Photo.

affinity photo logo

#3 Instax SQ Print

After that, the finished image is sliced into numerous squares to create the mosaic.

Each square is then printed with a instax SHARE SP-3.

Instax share

#4 Structure Modelling

The structure that holds together the polaroid mosaic is designed with CAD.

I use a combination of Fusion360, Tinkercad and Meshmixer.

Baptiste Tavernier 3d modeling

#5 3D-Printing

Dozens of printed parts make up each structure.

I use PLA, a more eco-friendly filament, on a Prusa Mini+ printer.

prusa mini+

#6 Final assembling

Finally, I merge the polaroids and 3D-printed elements together to form the mosaic.

The entire procedure takes hundreds of hours to complete.

Baptiste Tavernier assembling a polaroid mosaic


​2021  「Windows」 — SGT Art Museum, Katsuura, Japan

​2020  「Circles & Lines」 — SGT Art Museum, Katsuura, Japan

​2019  「年2501」 — Courtyard Hiroo Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

2018 「Filles D’Ariane」 — VR exhibition, Art Curator Japan

2017 「Erring Ways」 — Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan, Tokyo, Japan

2017 「Past Corridors」 — Haohaus Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

2015 「Exploring Labyrinths – Gold」  — Galleria Farina, Miami, USA

2014 「Mazes」 —  Seikai Resort, Beppu, Japan


​2021 「Art is Freedom」 — Parco Gallery W, Tokyo, Japan

2021 「Cryptokyo」 — Ultrasupernew Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

​2021 「24Molos」 — Terada Warehouse – What Cafe, Tokyo, Japan

​2019 「Serenity」 — AHM Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

​2019 「Soil Project: Dialogue Among 4 Cities」 — Huashan Creative Park, Taipei, Taiwan

2018 「W.E.」 — AHM Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

2018 「Stay Asia」 — AHM Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan.

2018 「Neo Japonisme – Résonances 2018」 — La Ferme des Arts, Vaison-la-Romaine, France

2017 「East Meets West」 — Yuan Ru Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

2017 「Apocalyptic Nostalgia」 — Yuan Ru Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan.

2016 「Untitled」 — FM Gallery, Seoul, South Korea

2015 「Kosan no Kai」 — Lucite Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

2015 「19th Salon Blanc International Exhibition of Contemporary Art」 — Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Japan

2014「Opposites Attract」 —  Galleria Farina, Miami, USA


​2018 Asia Contemporary Art Show, Hong Kong

2017 Art Square Taipei, Taiwan

2017 Art Santa Fe, USA

2017 Tokyo International Art Fair, Japan

2017 Art Central, Hong Kong

2016 Art Square Taipei, Taiwan

2016 Rotterdam International Art Fair, Netherlands

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